Solar Energy
Key to sustainable future is Renewable Energy. Xlarise is your gateway to harness solar energy. With a team of highly experienced professionals, and empanelled list of distinguished scientist in the discipline of solar energy from elite institution of India, we are your trusted partner.


  • Continuous power supply for uninterrupted business
  • Rising electricity bills
  • Meeting CSR and regulatory requirements

What we do

We empower organizations of all scale and size to leverage the power of the sun, and help them:

Analyze and know their true energy needs

Setup alternate source of electricity with rooftop solar solutions, to cut rising bills

Reduce carbon footprints to meet regulatory requirements

Go green and meet CSR objectives

Our Approach

  • Energy Assessment
  • Feasibility Study
  • Best-fit Installation
  • Savings for you
Find out how your organization can leverage solar energy; connect with our solar energy expert: Contact Us