HR Transformation – from support function to Strategic business enabler

Posted By: admin | June 9th, 2018
Strong people capabilities are the foundation of a successful organization. Today HR leaders are challenged to create HR solutions which are simple yet powerful, robust yet flexible.
The first step towards creating an agile and growth oriented HR strategy is to understand the business value creation process of the organization – which require deep understanding of the business environment, market condition, vision and mission of the organization.
The traditional HR operating model fails to understand business and deliver value, since it primarily work around the mandate of service delivery efficiency and cost reduction

Focus Areas

For HR function to contribute efficiently in the overall business strategy of the organization, it must focus to:
  • Drive the Talent Agenda and attract the best in the market
  • Drive cross cultural alignment and global performance and engagements
  • Support to build a leadership pipeline
  • Leverage technology to be effective on every touch point

Critical Principles/Key Characteristics

To transform HR from a support function to a strategic business enabler unit, organizations must keep the following critical principles as criteria/assessment parameters:
  • Understanding of Business Imperatives: HR needs to understand local and global business priorities, and keep themselves updated with info about external customers and the market in which they operate
  • Evolving HR Competencies: Understanding of HR’s readiness for new roles. Tailored programs to develop competencies like Adaptability, agility and analytical acumen
  • Leverage Technology: HR needs to use digital technology to get closer to business and understand business imperatives. They should leverage technology to provide enhanced self service capabilities to the business
  • Innovation: HR should act as the change agent, innovating along with the business leaders, and redesigning the function to serve the Business purpose and not just getting optimized to serve
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