Digital transformation – the future is now

Posted By: admin | December 7th, 2016
Digitalization presents tremendous opportunities and competitive advantages to a business. Leveraging digital tech to create value requires a complete rethinking about the work itself. Merely inserting digital technologies into the existing process is insufficient to realize the full value of digitalization.
Review of existing business processes is the relevant starting point for an organization to best utilize digital technology and solutions. Leaders should view digital tech as a catalyst to bring agility to business, simply processes and decision making.

The results of review can be surprising at times – process not actually delivering the expected value, instead slowing down the pace of work and killing its core objective of existence. And this happens because of the following:
  • Rigid processes that does not evolve with industry dynamics
  • Unstructured and scattered application, that finds it difficult to communicate with each other
  • Operational challenges that arise with the inability of IT to accommodate evolving business needs

Organizations need to:

  • Reinvent key processes by aligning priorities and rethinking how the work should create and deliver value
  • Discover opportunities to minimize manual intervention where business value creation is not compromised
  • Leverage automation to reduce turn-around time and help workforce create more value


By reviewing the processes and arming it with digital capabilities, organizations open up opportunities to create business value in the existing and uncharted territories. Some of the key benefits are:
  • Simplified and agile processes across functions that improves business value creation and bring approx 20% increase in cost savings.
  • Plug and play digital tech that communicates across the IT landscape improves turn-around time by more than 25%
  • Time to market improves by more than 15% for technology and process enhancements.
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