Customer plan – Re-aligning business focus

Posted By: admin | June 9th, 2018
The famous quote sums up the importance of customer in the ever dynamic and challenging market conditions of the present century

Do Organizations actually focus on customer?

Core to an organization’s business market strategy should be the deep understanding of: Who its customers are, their needs and demands, their buying behavior, and other imperatives revolving around customer, so as to make selling of products / services a superfluous activity.
It has been observed that customer focus, ostensibly finds its way in almost all strategy discussions and business plan creation activities. Unfortunately, despite iterative reviews the business market plan tends to lose focus from the customer – who in-arguably is the reason why business market plans are formulated and put in place.

Re-align focus and create customer plan?

To help parent organization achieve their defined objectives, a business market strategy needs to draw a customer plan that leverages organization’s strength aligned with market forces. Key benefits of a meticulously drawn customer plan are:
  • With a customer plan, the reasons for organizations’ efforts are truly justified.
  • It keeps the customer’s interest at the center; all planning activities revolve around customer’s business, which in-turn drive organization’s business
  • It makes it easier for the organizations to deliver excellent performance, and create customer delight
  • It leads to cementing a trusted relationship, and promote business continuity for the Organization.

Impact of Customer plan on Organization growth

  • With customer planning, brand management is taken care of; delighted customers automatically become the brand ambassador for the parent organization.
  • Strong recommendations coming from the delighted customers, adds extra muscle and pace to the parent organization’s growth,
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